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Holy tokes! There is so much happening in the world of medicine and cannabis, we could fill every issue from now until the end of time with all the things we learn. Let’s shorten the list so you can get caught up, and if you want to know more, check out the links:

- The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) is offering a 20-hour course for docs who prescribe marijuana. A study found that over half of docs felt they were doing a good job with marijuana, but 81 percent of patients felt docs were competent. This online course was created to help bridge that divide. Help your doc help you by telling them about this course. More at

- Did you know that CBD can replace antibiotics? Eastern medicine has known this for thousands of years, but Western medicine went in a new direction – and it has been failing for years. CBD can kill gram-negative bacteria (the bacteria that mock antibiotics). Not a lot of info has been exchanged with Eastern and Western medicine, but we expect that the acceptance of cannabis as viable will help to sort that out. Other plant medicine that can work as antibiotics: cassia, red thyme, marjoram oil, cinnamon oil, thyme oil, and Peru balsam, to name a few. For more:

- Are your arteries clogging with fast food since Covid-19? Have you been smoking more cigarettes? Drinking more? We hear about the dangers of these acts of body cruelty, but MJ is not to blame. Studies have found that cannabis does not promote Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries around the heart). Conclusion: the odds of that Athero-thing happening is 0.87 with MJ use compared to 1.88 with cigarettes (1.0 is the starting baseline number, which means your odds are lower with using MJ than not). Want more numbers? MJ is 114 times safer than alcohol too! Whoa.

- Speaking of prescriptions, did you know that anti-psychotics kill almost 1,600 people per month? Medical Marijuana kills no people (and that’s FDA data), but prescribed meds (minus opioids) kill at least 10,000 people per MONTH. Meds for ADD, nausea, erectile dysfunction and depression kill at a rate of 10,000 to ZERO, yet the FDA still insists the data could be skewed. More at

- If you or someone you love has Parkinson’s, then we have info that will offer hope. The research into cures turned up some data that shows MMJ is a viable option to treat not only the symptoms of Parkinson’s but could potentially cure it as well. While this research is new, it may turn over a new leaf for the millions who suffer from changes to motor skills. You want to have an open and honest discussion with your doctor if you are using, or planning to use, cannabis to self-medicate. Check out, and to learn more.

- Lastly, March is Women’s Month, so we give a nod to MMJ/MJ’s effects on women’s health. Unfortunately, the U.S. has fallen way behind other countries in our studies on this topic (which tells us all that we need to get legal on a federal level, even if it only leads to research grants at universities). One huge study done in Europe found that cannabis can relieve menopause symptoms. Everything from pelvic pain to hot flashes to mood swings can be addressed with even miniscule amounts of cannabis. More on

Is there a medical topic you want to know more about? Send us a message on Facebook or at and we’ll do our best to cover it in a future issue. Til then, stay healthy.

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